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Winds of Change

As the season of winter draws to a close, Wild Winds whip and whirl around .  Drawing our attention out of the safety and warmth of home, these powerful Elemental Beings call us forth into the garden.  Every day a new leaf is turned.  Moment by moment the garden unfolds, buds presenting themselves with unabashed splendor, inviting us to do the same.

Cloud Beings dance in front of Sun, swirling about this way and that.  Something within me that has been bound all winter is opening, emptying, releasing.  Negative energy – fears, worry and doubt that had started to root in the deep recesses of my being are uncovered by the wildness of the winds.  I stand, barefoot, on Mother Earth’s soft moisture, opening my arms like the wings of the dove.  Winds whipping around me tug at those tendrils of darkness, loosening their grip on my heart.

Something within me needed this storm, needed this shifting of seasons.  Winds and rain, hail and thunder cleanse those places that words fail to describe.  I raise my hands to the heavenly realm and feel the soles of my feet reaching deep into Mother Earth below.  Willow and cedar, daffodil and heather surround and support me with love.

Sunshine breaks through the darkness of the storm clouds, mingling with the remaining mist.  Rainbow appears – revealed slowly as curtains of darkness are shifted.  Winds of Change have accomplished their task.  Behold, my spirit at peace.

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