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Winter Wellness 2020 – Tea

As the winds begin to swirl once more, they shift our beautiful Cloud Friends to another place where they can provide their precious life-giving fluids. I have noticed that the winter winds often bring with them a whole host of little beings that tend to catch in our throats. Whether we pick something up from a little one, experience some discomfort after a little winter cleaning, or the pet dander from inside our home gets a little heavy, we often find our throats a little dry and scratchy this time of year.

Take a moment to brew a hot pot of your favorite tea, and join me in a bit of self-care.

This time of year, I tend to brew warming things like ginger root, cardamom pods, cinnamon and rose hips. I usually add some seeded raspberry preserves or jam. (The seeds contain enormous amounts of Vitamin C and other amino acids that help to boost our immune system.) Slicing some lemon, an orange or even a lime, and then squeezing the juice into the mug of tea adds an extra boost of vitamins and freshness. And a drizzle of honey helps to coat our throat and to soothe pressured sinuses.

Your used ginger root and rose hips or rose petals can be added to your Epsom Salt Bath later. So, hang onto them! You can place them in a small bowl on the bathroom counter for your evening soak. (I also like to use some of the dried lavender or rosemary from my garden for added luxury.) Holding your mug near your face and allowing the steam to rise up aids in loosening nasal secretions and provides an added benefit of moistening your skin.

Enjoying a cup of hot tea is a lovely way to unwind at the end of the day. Sharing a spot of tea with a neighbor, friend or family member is a beautiful way to reconnect. And having a cup of tea while listening to soothing music and reading our favorite meditation or devotion is a comforting way to connect with Spirit.

As you drink your tea, give thanks for the gift of water. Offer love to our Divine Natural World for all of the gifts of healing and the comfort that is available, even from our garden beds.

Breathe deeply in gratitude:

  1. for the gifts of heat in our homes

  2. for the gifts of our beautiful bees who share their honey

  3. for the gifts of our generous plant people who provide us with so much beauty

  4. for the many ways we can bring comfort and healing to our community and family

  5. for this time of self-care and contributions to wholeness

What a gift it is to warm up our bodies, minds and spirits with a simple cup of tea!

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