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Healing Together

Holistic Care
for the Whole Person:

I care for people in many ways. Sometimes this takes the form of individual sessions of Massage, Reiki, or Spiritual Counsel. Other times, it comes through ceremonial leadership. Still other times, my compassionate care flows through connections around the fire, in nature, or within a communal gathering for musical expression. There are many ways to heal.

Join me in the healing studio, along the shore, or around the fire. Or invite me to your home, or a loved one's care community, if the end of life is near. In all places, in all spaces, Spirit can move to bring aspects of healing and grace.

Heart Shape Cookie Cutter

Breathing Deeply & Listening Closely

I specialize in creating a space where spiritual and emotional healing can flow through Massage, Guided Meditation, Breathing Exercises and Spiritual Counsel.

In my practice of preparing for our time together, I find that connecting with Divine through Ceremony, Song, Experiences in the Natural World

and Dancing with the Elemental Forces

helps me to bring forth gifts of healing, balance and peace. 


I invite the Creative Dreamer

to offer wisdom during our time together,

and I take time to listen to you

every time you come to see me.


This is how I remember the Song of the Dancing Heart in my life’s journey.

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