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Drink Deeply from Life

Monthly Massage - Drink Deeply from Life - July 2018

When was your last massage?

The butterflies in my garden remind to drink deeply from the nectar of life.  I find to this end that it is helpful to receive Massage, Reiki and Spiritual Care on a regular basis.  I receive help from healers in various traditions and methodologies, but my massage therapist is a consistent presence in my life.  She knows the nuances of my body and where my typical stress and tension spots are.

From the moment I walk into her office, she can tell how my spirit is from how I hold my body and how I am breathing.  After a brief conversation about what has happened in the time since I received her care, she gives me a few minutes to get ready for our work together, and then the session begins.

Deep breaths are taken in together.  Then comes her compassionate touch that nourishes my body and calms my mind.  I am invited to speak or to rest quietly – whatever I need in each session is welcomed.  Sometimes I need to speak about a thought or memory that was triggered as she works in a particular area.  At other times, I simply drift into the dream world because I know that I am in safe hands.

When the session is wrapping up, we take a moment together to pause and to integrate the work.  A quiet exit allows me to savor the moment of shifting between the nurturing space and the rest of my daily living activities.  When I am ready, she returns with water and we take care of the business side of things and I always set up my next session (or several in advance).

I treasure this time of receiving nurturing touch and compassionate care.  Through our consistent work together, my massage therapist has come to know my body and how to care for it.  If you are ready for this kind of therapeutic relationship, please feel free to contact me.

Massage can sometimes be treated like a luxury in our culture, but once we get into the habit of receiving on a regular basis, we can experience deep, long-lasting effects of balancing of body, mind and spirit.  Then, we truly get a sense for what health and wellness is.

Are you ready to experience deep healing?  Call or e-mail to schedule an appointment today!


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