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The Bare Bones of Massage

It is always a joy to receive surprise gifts! Today, my husband brought home socks that reminded him of my studies in massage school. Caring for our feet is one of the best ways to improve the Wellness of our whole body. Even a few minutes of self massage at home can make a world of difference, but an LMT can add to that in order to connect you to your optimal health.

X-ray Socks Make a Great Gift for your LMT!

An LMT knows you, inside and out!

A Licensed Massage Therapist in Oregon must take over 200 hours of Anatomy and Physiology, Kinesiology and Pathology courses, 300 hours of Massage Theory and Praxis, 125 hours of additional, In-depth studies including the understanding of Communication & Ethics, Boundaries and Power Dynamics before applying for our rigorous licensing exam.

We dedicate ourselves to 625+ hours of in-person studies with much of that including hands-on practice with friends, family members and people from our local community before we can apply for Licensing through the Oregon Board of Massage Therapists.

An LMT is Ethical and Attentive

We are very aware of the power dynamics in the therapeutic relationship with our clients and always strive to maintain professional boundaries with anyone who trusts their bodies into our hands.

We keep up our knowledge base with Continuing Education that connects us to other Health Care Professionals and helps us to provide our clients with the very best care we can. When you trust your body into the hands of a Licensed Massage Therapist, you can be sure we have a deep understanding of your cells, fibers and sinews as well as all the structures that help you move. Therapeutic touch, as by an LMT, is not a luxury. It is an essential part of our optimal wellness and human interaction.

Get to Know your Local LMTs!

Bringing Comfort

Be sure to experience the gifts of several of your local Licensed Massage Therapists or Practitioners. Each one has their own unique style, energy and giftedness. Find an LMT who tailors their massage to your needs and listens to your feedback. Massage is not a one-size-fits-all modality for healing. Some people respond better to gentle stretching, others to a deep, rigorous session or the releasing of embeded trigger points.

I prefer to work more gently and tune into your energy flow and spiritual presence. Another LMT may focus more on sports recovery, pregnancy wellness, or recovery after a traumatic life event. Each LMT has the same basic training. The “bare bones” and essentials are the same. But each one of us has a unique way that we have incorporated this basic knowledge with our intuitive wisdom. See if you can find an LMT that you reosnate with and trust, for trust is the basis of your optimal wellness experience.

You may find yourself on my massage table one day. And I pray we will be a blessing to one another along your healing journey.

How may I care for you today? Feel free to call or email if I may be of service to you.

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