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Walking in the Shadow

As nighttime lengthens and sunlight grows scarce, many people silently journey through seasonal depression.  If you find yourself in a time of shadows, you are not alone.  Whether it is seasonally related, has been triggered by grief, or you are experiencing shadows of unknown origin, living with depression can be overwhelming and can make us feel isolated.  This article reminds us that experiencing inner darkness is part of being human.

If you are in a shadow time, truly you are not alone.  Having someone to walk with you in this time can be very helpful.  I offer several healing modalities that can be therapeutic as we learn (or re-learn) to navigate in the darkness.  Taking time to nurture ourselves can help us to gain perspective when we feel like we are “becoming the shadow”.

Walking with the Shadow - Nov 14

Having someone to walk with our shadow side can help us to open up and re-enter the light.

Massage brings us human touch in a nurturing manner.  This triggers a chemical bath in our brain and body that can lift heavy spirits and give us relief from feelings of anxiety, depression and fatigue.  Although it is not a cure for depression, massage can be part of your holistic care and contribute towards healing.

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