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No Bones About It

This might look like something out of our Halloween collection, but it is actually a study tool. I took this photo during one of our class sessions at the Oregon School of Massage.  In our time of schooling, massage therapists learn every bone, muscle, sinew and attachment site of the body.  We learn a great deal of medical terminology and understand both how the body is supposed to work and how things can go awry.  No bones about it, we know how you are put together!


There is a lot going on inside a massage therapist’s skull as we work with you towards healing, balance and restoration in our sessions together.  You are a complex being, an interwoven entity of body, mind and spirit.  Each one affects the other.  Each is a part of the whole.

The being pictured above has a few screws loose.  Some pieces are missing and it is completely out of context — having been removed from the body simply for studying purposes.  You, however, even if you do have “a few screws loose” and feel like you have been broken, or are missing pieces, you still have the potential for being whole again.

Through the holistic care offered here at Song of the Dancing Heart, a place where the whole being is nurtured and cared for, you can find balance and restoration again.  It may not happen with one Massage session.  One time on my Reiki table or one session of Spiritual Counsel may be the beginning of, (or a touch-stone along) a life-long journey towards your goal of balance and restoration of wholeness.  Whether you come to me for one session, or we are able to set up a treatment plan that includes weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions for a time, it is my joy and my honor to work with you towards this goal.

If you are ready to schedule (or to reschedule) a time with me, simply navigate to the top of the page and click the Contact and Locations tab.  Or click the button below.  It is my honor to work with you, in body, mind and spirit!

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