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Moments of Peace

March! Crouching, pouncing with swiftness and ferocity, this month’s lion-like entry leaps upon me with an abundance of shifting and change. Some has been anticipated, some has not. Those things which I knew were coming still have surprised me in the speed at which they seemed to arrive. (Didn’t we just pass Christmas? I barely blinked and suddenly have found myself in March!)

Yet, it is in the midst of the swirling winds of life that I am most reminded of the sweetness of serenity. Life springs forth, seeming to open and close, transitioning all at once. Moments of peace and connection are precious. Dew drops sparkling on the promise of Cherry Blossom, the wide, slow circling of Eagle and Red-Tailed Hawk, the morning songs of Jay and Hummingbird, smells of roasting root vegetables and rising bread, reddening of the evening sky, the flickering of prayer candles and the crackles and sparks of community fires — these are all treasures.

The storms of life ebb and flow and yet, even as they shift, simple blessings of quietude are abundant. Sparrow’s love song causes our hearts to stir. Buttercup, Daisy and Dandelion play peek-a-boo with blades of grass. Willow, Oak and Cedar invite us to dance with them in the shifting winds. Gifts of the natural world remind us who we are. These gifts of Divine Love are worth far more than the finest of jewels. These are the graces that give our lives purpose and peace.

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