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Women: Come, Sit by the Fire

Listening to the eruption of fireworks and the popping corks of champagne and sparkling cider, we heard Wind gently whisper our name. During the dancing and dining of holiday gatherings, Spirit lightly tapped us on the shoulder.  In the spaces between the hum of sewing machine, the bustling of shopping and baking, the crinkling of wrapping paper and the craziness of traffic, Breath stirred deep within us, awakening an ancient desire.  The Voice was soft, but the calling clear, “Come, sit by the Fire”.

Gift boxes are folding, trees beginning to release their trim all as the dishes for special days are being carefully wrapped and put away.  As we transition into the new year, we clear spaces in our homes, returning furniture to their regular places and putting holiday decorations in the attic, garage or basement.  We resolve ourselves to loving kindness and set lofty intentions.  Within a short time, a dish slips onto the floor, the baby cries, work life resumes its stress, our muscles tense, relationships take on new strains and our resolutions are swept aside as we rush back into regularity.

Yet, even there, in the midst of the hustle and bustle of life, Voice speaks again, “Come, sit by the Fire”.

Breathing deep, we pause a moment and we wonder if we might still need something the holiday season might have forgotten.  In all of our desires to give, did we give too much?  Did we long for connection that never came?  Were the complications of relationship and family painfully apparent as we tried our best to reach out?

As we tack a new calendar on the wall adding birthdays, anniversaries and days of remembrance, Voice speaks again, “Come, sit by the Fire.”

If you have heard the Voice calling you to slow down, to rest, to receive and to reconnect, you are welcome at the hearth of the Dancing Heart.  We gather to remember our heart’s song through the crackle of the flame and the connection with others.  We share soup, bread, chocolate and stories.  We share what is on our hearts.  We share our concerns for the world.  We share our griefs and joys.  We share our hope for healing.  We share song and dance.  We share in the sacred sisterhood and celebrate the gift of being divinely feminine.

Women from many different spiritual paths are welcome to come.  Women who are searching for their path or feeling lost are welcome to come.  Women in need of time to unwind are welcome to come.

Dear women, you are welcome. Come, rekindle your heart’s song in the new year.  Come, sit by the Fire on Sunday, the 8th of January, 2017.  Soup’s on at 5.  Fire is lit at 6.  Arrive and depart as your spirit is led.

Email me (dancing.heart.healer at gmail dot com) if you are interested in joining us around the fire and need directions.

Join us on Facebook to keep in touch.

* Edit: Women’s Fire has been rescheduled to Sunday, January 22nd at 6 p.m. due to ice on the roads the weekend we were originally scheduled to meet. *

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