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Wisdom from the Autumn Garden

I delight in working with the whole person, the whole being that is you!  There is much to explore together.  You are a bio-phsyco-social-spiritual being full of potential!

To use a metaphor from the garden, you are somewhere along the spectrum of your life cycle.  You may be a seedling branching out and preparing to burst forth in blossom and creativity.  Or perhaps you are an elder oak releasing your leaves for the final time, preparing to return to the Great Mother once again and to give your spirit-energy back into the Great Mystery of the Ancestral Realm.  Many of us are somewhere in-between.

How is your body?  How is your spirit?  Perhaps one of your lovely branches has been taken in a mighty storm.  Or someone passing by may have taken their anger out on you and virtually sliced your trunk, piercing into your core.  Maybe you are feeling like the autumn rhododendron who already shows the promise of spring opening even in the face of the mighty storms.  No matter where you are in this life cycle, you can benefit from holistic healing care.

Releasing our Leaves - 10 Nov

In this season of Autumn, it can be very helpful to have someone come alongside to help your energy find its balance once again.  Just as the trees are releasing their leaves and returning energy to their roots in preparation for winter, it is time for us to release old patterns of thinking and behavior that no longer serve us.  Even fruitful branches in our lives may need to be pruned this season in order to contribute towards next year’s growth and harvest.

As we work together, in Massage, Reiki or Spiritual Counsel, we will consider this wisdom from the garden.  Gathering with fire, or dancing around the drum, or scheduling a time for personal or collective gong therapy may be just what you need to round-out the wholeness of your being again.  There are many ways that we can work together in this season.

My hope is that our work together, however long or short our duration is, will contribute towards your healing and the restoration of balance in your life.  I deeply believe that societies are healed when people are healed.  Part of this healing is reconnecting with the life cycle of the natural world and the Divine who works through it all.

A little light and a little reminder of Divine Love can go a long way towards the healing of the world.  Here in the season of Autumn, it is time to prune, to nurture and to care for ourselves.  This is the wisdom of the garden today.  Come, allow yourself to be nourished and restored.  Schedule your session today!

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