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Why do We Hurt?

Sometimes we don’t know where our pain comes from. The term many doctors will use is “idiopathic”. This simply means there is no physiological test that can show the origin of the pain. Often, however, a deeper look into our relational lives, (current or former) or into our childhood/young adult years will reveal a hidden abuse pattern that explains a lot about how our bodies respond to stress today.

Bringing awareness to the root cause of our pain can give us direction on where to look for help so that we can heal fully. When trauma has manifested in your body, I can help bring some awareness and can assist with release of current symptoms. Massage, Reiki and Spiritual Counsel can help. When you are ready, we can work together to locate resources, counselors and guides to assist with the next steps in your healing journey. Healing is a process that is well worth our time and energy.

If you suspect that some of your pain has roots in a toxic relationship, you are not alone. Here is a website that has a great list of printed and online tools that can help you to heal.

Trauma, Boundaries, Healing, Massage, Therapy

Featured photo (top) by Luis Galvez on Unsplash


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