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Watching the Leaves Fall

Continuing our dance with Autumn reflections, we look up and look down.  We notice the changes happening all around us.  As we see the leaves and watch them fluttering on the winds, we find ourselves wondering about our own internal changes.  We notice the shifting of our spiritual winds and we listen to our hearts.

How do you feel about the Fall?  Are the winds or Breath of Spirit pulling at something that needs to be let go?  What are you releasing in your life?  What are you returning to?  Where are the roots that need nourishing?  Where do you see the beauty and glory of this season in your own life cycle?  Where do you notice branches of your life becoming bare?  Is there pruning that needs to be done to prepare for new life in the coming seasons?

If you are processing these questions, or others like them, you may want someone to sit with.  It can be very helpful to contemplate with someone who is willing to listen deeply.  There are many counselors and wisdom teachers who can help you in this time.  If you do not have someone you already confide in, or if you are looking for additional support, please feel free to call upon me.

I offer counsel in a gentle, soulful manner that many have found helpful.  The way I write here in my blog posts can give you an idea of how we might speak together if you seek my spiritual counsel.  Spend some time reading and reflecting.  See what your spirit says.  If you are ready to sit together in this way, feel free to give me a call, or to schedule here online.

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