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The Womb of Winter

In the season of winter, many cultures have ceremonies of letting go, release and transformation.  Whether you attend a sacred ceremony with others or have your own prayer fire at home, take time in these long nights to reflect.  Enter the darkness.  Enter the womb of  winter.


We need not be afraid of the dark.  Great transformations can happen in the womb and the shadow.  Everything that moves and breathes and lives on the earth emerged from darkness.  We are formed and shaped in the dark of the womb just as our plant friends begin in the womb of Mother Earth.  Stillness in the dark of winter is necessary for the emergence of new life.


Massage, Reiki and Spiritual Counsel can help us find this stillness, especially if we are working to transform old traumas or injury.  When we work together, our bodies, minds and spirits can be healed.  You are welcome to call upon me if you need someone to aid with transformation.


This week between the Solstice and the New Year can be a powerful time for releasing and inviting transformation.  Lighting a candle or fire in these long nights can help us to reflect and renew.  Looking at the stars can help us navigate the dark months ahead. With the help of these Ancestral Lights, we can enter the darkness courageously.  Connected with each other, and with the natural world, let us enter the womb of winter.


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