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The Glory of Autumn

What a delight to hold this gift in my hands!  This tiny leaf is a gift of love.  It is a gift of grace.  It is a sign of the continuation of life — offering a whisper of promise even along the journey which will return it to the earth.

Glory of Autumn

How glorious is the season of Autumn!  How wild it is!  How incredibly freeing it can be!

Colorful leaves release the last of the tree’s yearly energy in a blaze of glory before letting go and fluttering to the ground.  In the time to come, they will regenerate our Great Mother with their offerings.  Through the sacrifice of these leaves, roots will be strengthened in the time of winter winds, and new life will sprout forth above when the warm sun’s rays shine again in Spring.

The Autumn portion of the annual birth-death-regeneration cycle always strikes a chord of delight in my spirit.  There is deep joy, even in the season of pruning and letting go.  How strongly the winds have to blow to pull these leaves from their place of sprouting sometimes!  The Autumn winds remind us that the process of returning to our roots and nourishing these roots is not always easy.  Yet, we can see that this process of release and returning is an essential part of the health and wellness of the natural world.  So, too, it is for us.

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