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Sunset Song

Dear ones,

Sometimes we just need to pause along our journey.

I work on the west side of this river, in Beaverton and Lake Oswego, but I live on the east side, at the far end of Gresham.  I drive across one of the bridges that spans these flowing waters almost every day.  I often admire the beauty of this Glorious Being, who is so swiftly flowing and ever free.  But, sometimes I forget.

There are days when I drive across the bridge without acknowledging the wonder of these waters.  At times, I take for granted the life-giving, nourishing flow that returns mountain snow to the place they began.  Yet, softly She calls — the River Willamette.  Such was the case yesterday on my way home.

“Come to my shoreline.  Let me wash your cares away.  Listen to my sacred song.”

She sings to me so sweetly.  Whispers of the winds sweep wisps of hair from my brow.  Tall grasses and opening flowers at Her side sway to and fro, inviting me to join in their sacred dance of joy.

They sing of Love.  They sing of Joy.  They sing of their infinite wisdom and grace.  These Living Beings who were dreamed into existence, just as we were, invite me to leave the freeway and park my car.

I remove my shoes, toes in the mud, feeling the connection of Mother Earth.  My roots and theirs intertwine as our Sister Willamette sings her sunset song.  I pause to give thanks and to leave a gift along the river’s edge, whispering my gratitude to all the Living Ones gathered around.

Past, present and future blend into one as Father Sun settles into the great beyond.  Fire ignites clouds and river alike, taking my breath away in awe.  New life enters my lungs and I raise my hands in adoration of the Great Dreamer.  I join in the Sunset Song.  I return to the Song of the Dancing Heart.

With mind, body, spirit renewed, I return to the road of my journey.  I am now able to find my way home.

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