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Shiatsu and the Natural World

I really love what I do!  Offering body work, peace of mind and compassion care to people of all ages, yet specializing in work with elders, I have a unique ability to connect various aspects of life.  I have the honor of working with you towards holistic health of body, mind and spirit.  Sometimes healing flows in my office, sometimes it flows through the conversation or song or dance around the fire or drums, and sometimes healing flows through the beauty and connection with the natural world.

During a camping trip with my Sacred Fire Community a couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity of reconnecting and renewing in many ways!  During our time together, one of our community members requested a massage.  I was delighted to offer him Shiatsu in our campgrounds under the canopy of glorious blue skies and great, old tree spirits.  The sweet river sang us a sacred song.  We both received renewal from our time working together.

One of the beauties of Shiatsu massage is that it can be done almost anywhere.  Shiatsu is a clothing-on healing modality that uses rocking, stretching and finger-pressure to open and move the life-force, (Qi, pronounced “Chi”) through energetic meridians.  Like acupuncture and acupressure, Shiatsu, a Japanese-style massage, relies upon the Chinese Medicine 5-Element Philosophy as the foundation for holistic care and wellness.

Shiatsu is a massage that I often request from my own LMT.  I find that it helps to reset and re-balance me in body, mind and spirit.  When I offer a Shiatsu session for my clients, my body is relaxed and I also receive.

Although my favorite places to offer Shiatsu are in the outdoors, even a session in my office or your home has a way of opening us both to the energetic vitality of the living world.  Relaxation flows.  Energy increases.

Shiatsu is deep without being painful.  It is calming while also leaving both client and LMT feeling refreshed and invigorated.  Shiatsu is beneficial for us all.

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