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Self-Care Sunday: Social Wellness


Dear ones, I am developing a series of posts on #SelfCareSunday.  My business was created out of the desire to promote holistic health and wellness.  In hopes of being in service to our online community as well as the in-person community developing through my business, I share wellness reflections here in my blog.  They usually center around connecting with Divine and each other through the natural world, gathering with fire or listening to our hearts.

Today’s post is about community connections and why they are so important for our well-being.  Remember that I host monthly Women’s Fires, quarterly Community Drum Circles and have small group Sound Therapy with gongs and cymbals available in my home office in Gresham.  (You can find more information in the Community Connections tab at the top of this webpage.)  I also highly recommend finding your local Sacred Fire Community and/or participating in a Community of Faith.  Finding the teacher(s), the tradition(s) and the spiritual pathway(s) that resonates most with our hearts can help us with the top two factors listed in the video clip below that increase longevity and wellness.

Watching the full length TED Talk reminds us of these important points:

“Social Isolation is the public health risk of our time.”

“Face-to-face contact releases neurotransmitters that foster trust, reduce stress, kill pain and induce pleasure.”

Social interactions in face-to-face settings, (around the dinner table, in a fire circle, or even shaking the hand of your neighbor and offering a friendly smile) are of the utmost importance.  Not only do our strong and weak social bonds give us the potential for a longer life, they help us to enjoy the richness of our lives rather than letting it simply slip away.  So, enjoy your Sunday meal with a friend, a colleague or in a restaurant and have a hearty conversation.  It’s a way to remember the Song of the Dancing Heart!

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