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Self-Care Sunday: Inner Child Magic

How is your inner child?  Does the young one inside your heart still wonder at creation?  Is the wing of the butterfly captivating?  Do the winds whisper and sing?  Does the opening of the spring flower or the emergence of a bird from their egg or the formation of the winter frost make your heart flutter?

On this day, when many of my friends remember the sacred in congregational or communal life, I want to also draw our attention to the sacred in the every day.   I believe connecting with the natural world is an important part of self care and an integral part of our healing process.

What if we all took time to nurture our inner child today?  What sort of magical adventures might the young one inside us want to have in these winter days?  Would they want to watch the snow fall?  Would they like to sit near the fire and drink hot cocoa?  Would our inner child like to go for a walk and let our hands stroke the long grasses that wave in the winter winds?  Or perhaps they would like us to don a pair of rain boots and stomp around in a few mud puddles and then go home to take a nice, hot shower to refresh us before bundling up in a blanket and diving into a captivating story.

Whatever your little child wants to experience, take a little time to be outside today.  Hear the winter birdsong.  Watch the geese take flight.  Notice the hues of crimson and ochre in the sunrise or sunset.  Place your hands on your heart and notice how the little one inside you feels.

What if we all took a little time to connect with nature each day?  How might our perspective of the world shift?  How much more might we feel connected?  Maybe, just maybe, the world would feel a little more magical, compassionate and kind.  And that might be just what we need to help our spirits sing today!


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