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Sacred Emergence of Calling

The process of remembering our heart’s song can be beautifully complex, eliciting a wide array of emotions.  As different parts of the heart’s song emerge, we might notice tantalizing harmonies with hints of grace and love.  We may become aware of areas in our lives or relationships that are in discord, or in need of a little tuning.  When we open our inner ears, the cacophony of sound — input from media, social networks or even well-meaning family or friends can, at first,  seem overwhelming.  Over time, however, we begin deciphering the parts and discerning where our unique heart-voice fits into the larger Song of Divine Mystery in this great gift that we call “life”.

This discernment and sacred emergence of our calling does not happen in a vacuum, and it is not an overnight process.  To hear with clarity, we need the support of community, of gifted mentors and of compassionate Beings of Divine Love to whom we can turn for help.  Finding communities, mentors and Divine Beings who support us in the ways that will elicit beautiful harmony with our soul’s unique signature is a process in itself that takes time, reflection, discernment and sometimes trial and error.  It is all part of the unfolding that we are designed for while we are part of this realm.

During my morning prayers today, I found my eyes lingering on the cherry blossom tree just outside my window.  Having recently graduated from massage school, I have spent the last week traveling and sitting with wise elders in the Sacred Fire Community.  I am in a period of extended rest and discernment of calling.  Now, while I am in-between employment, post-school and pre-licensing.  It is fitting that I have been called into reflection and preparation in my soul-work.  I am a bit like the cherry blossom tree — just on the verge of blooming, yet still in need of time, sacred waters and absorption of energy and support from the world and Beings around me before my great unfurling takes place.

As I sat with the image of the cherry tree, another was brought to mind — the image of a butterfly preparing to emerge from a cocoon.  With the holistic healing that I feel called to offer in this lifetime, it is imperative that I not neglect this stage of spiritual, emotional and relational development.  Although the struggles that come about in these areas of life during the emerging process can be painful, they can also elicit joy in the discovery of self and others.  This is all part of the preparations for whatever Divine has in store for our part in the Song of Great Mystery.  It is much like the time of emergence from the cocoon — a necessary step in the butterfly’s preparations for the unfurling of her glorious wings.  It is a time where she learns to hear the heartbeat rhythm of the world so she knows how and when to move her wings and when to rest once fully emerged.

Dear ones, whether we find ourselves together sharing a cup of coffee or in a therapeutic relationship where I have the joy of working with you to hear your own heart’s song, it is my honor to share this time with you.  I may see you in person or online.  We may gather around the Sacred Fire together on a regular basis, or we may run into each other only once for a brief moment.  No matter how Divine brings us together, it is my honor to share space with you, for we are all somewhere in the process of Sacred Emergence – finding our heart’s calling and discerning our harmony part in the Great Song of Life.

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