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Resistance and Winter’s Gift

Last night I had the deep blessing of sitting with one of my soul-sisters around a prayer fire.  Sharing of love and gratitude blended with concerns and grief over the shifting winds in our world.  Today, my husband and I began watching “The Man in the High Castle” — an alternate-reality series depicting the history of America if the Nazis had won WWII.  In the midst of the lingering prayer smoke rising from my hair, we conversed and grieved over the state of current affairs.

I wonder what shape the resistance movement will take in the time to come, and what part we might play in the coming years.  Sarah Connor, from the movie Terminator, was one of my childhood heroes.  *And* I sense that the resistance against what is rising in our midst will need a different kind of energy.

During my fire times, both with others and on my own, I pray for the wisdom of Divine Feminine to stir among us.  I pray for peace and strength and protection for loved ones.  I pray for clarity of calling for those among us who know in our spirits that things are not right.  We have a role to play, and something within us is shifting and waking and training for the season at hand.  One of the gifts of winter is the time for deepening and strengthening of sacred roots.  In the time of ice and snow, the fading light is reflected most clearly.  Darkness is coming, dear ones. I pray that the Light never ceases to shine, even if it is forced to spread roots underground for a time.

You know from my regular posts that I give thanks for our fresh water.  I give thanks for the shining sun and the gifts of rain and snow.  I give thanks for the growing plants and the delights of our animal friends.  I especially give thanks for those plants and animals who give their lives so that we may continue to live.  I treasure and value all of these beings who care for us.

This, the valuing of life, of *all* life, is part of the call to reflect and spread the Light.  Gratitude and love foster resilience.  I believe that the nourishing and treasuring of all living beings is at the heart of the new resistance.  May love and light stir among you this day, dear ones, and in the time to come, may it be reflected clearly in our midst.

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