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Putting in my Spiritual Contacts

After prayer time with Fire this morning, I was going through my bathroom ritual for daily readiness which includes putting in my contacts.  It struck me that this is what prayer time is like.  I light candles in the morning and at night.  Just before going to bed, I sit on my front porch listening to the wind and watching the movements of the weather, stars and plants.  Every Thursday, I sit with Fire to reflect, to speak and to listen.  On work days, during my lunch hour, I walk through the nearby park, listening and speaking to the plants and the weather beings.  All of these practices are part of my prayer life.  Each is a bit like putting in my contacts in the morning — I see myself, the world and others more clearly.


Without my spiritual contacts, I am more likely to see as I do between the time of having my glasses on and putting my contacts in.  The world flips upside down and becomes a little tilted.  It is difficult to see with any clarity, and I am likely to incur a migraine if I attempt to decipher the world without visual aids.

On the other hand, when I take time to put in my spiritual contacts, I notice more in the world around me – seeing the beauty an softness, the sharpness and pain, connecting intimately with the dance of light and shadows that we call life.  This is a vital part of my essence – this thing we call prayer.  I believe that connecting on the spiritual plane, in whatever path on which we are being led, is a vital part of our healing.

Beloved, thank you for this awareness today!  I am grateful for your presence and the ways you speak through everyday materials.  May we all be led to put in our spiritual contacts so that we might see our world more clearly and become whole again – in body, mind and spirit.

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