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November Women’s Fire

Women of the East and West of the Willamette, you are invited to join your soul sisters in sacred space.  Come to our newly created Dancing Heart Hearth – our backyard fire pit – for a time of laughter, sharing, joys and sorrows.  Join us this afternoon for a women’s circle in the presence of Fire. This is a time to warm our hearts and hands with the energy of Fire as we celebrate the presence of the Divine Feminine within.  We may sing, we may dance, we may drum, or we may simply sit in our rocking chairs and listen for the Voice of Divine.  We go with the flow in our women’s fire circles.

Soup is being prepared.  Spices are being added to the cranberry-apple cider on the stove top.  You are welcome any time after four.  Our fire will be lit around five or so, and we’ll linger in the light of the flame until eight or until you need to leave for home.

♥  We understand that many young women desire community but have a difficult time leaving little ones at home.  Children bring a different element of sacred love.  They warm us, deepen our smile lines and call to our nurturing side.  Please feel free to bring the little ones.  Children are always welcome.

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