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Notice Yourself – A Teacher’s Reflection

When I was a teacher, I often assisted children in pausing from their playtime activities.  Flickering the lights for attention was helpful.  Then, I would sing a little tune and say, “think about yourself.”

The children would all take a moment to close their eyes.  They would often use their hands to touch their head, their bellies, their knees, their feet.  Together, we went through a simple guided meditation.

Sometimes, it gave them the opportunity that they needed to acknowledge they needed to use the bathroom.  At other times, it brought their attention to their need for a snack or water.  Sometimes, they realized they were ready for a different activity — often trading their fast-paced motion for a soft, introspective time at the coloring table or reading corner.

When the room was feeling chaotic, I felt the need for shifting.  I sensed that the children did, too.  This kind of practice is still needed in our lives as adults.  It is known as “mindfulness” in today’s pop culture.  In my teaching years, it simply emerged out of necessity for navigating wild times.  I have often used a similar technique in my own life as a prayer practice before bed.

Perhaps a little moment of noticing together is in order.

Notice Yourself - A Teacher's Reflection

How is your body today?  Have you taken time to look inside?  To feel the fibers, the sinews, the joints and tendons?  Pause for a moment.

Without trying to change anything, notice your breathing.  Notice your posture.  Pause, just a moment.  What do you notice?

Is your body asking for nurture?  Is it asking for quiet?  Is it asking for compassion?  Are you ready to trade your fast-paced motion of life for a soft, introspective time?

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