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Medical Massage and Insurance Billing

Friends, did you know that your insurance company may reimburse you for a portion of your therapies with me? If you have a current prescription from your Naturopath, MD or Chiropractor for massage, please let me know when you set up your initial appointment. I will be sure to include my NPI number on your e-receipt so that you can either submit it to your insurance company for their reimbursement, or you can keep it for your records when you use your HSA card to pay for services in my clinic.

When calling your insurance company to inquire whether this is an option for you, (call the number on the back of your card) be sure to ask if CPT codes 97124 and 97140 are covered modalities when offered by a Licensed Massage Therapist. Be sure to ask if your massage benefits are also combined with any other benefits (for example, Physical Therapy or Chiropractic Treatments).

Please Note: I do not directly bill private insurance companies at the current time, (except for Motor Vehicle Accidents with an open medical claim) however, I will assist you to the best of my ability. Ask me for details when booking your appointment.  I am in the process of application for becoming a preferred provider with a few insurance companies.  I will update this page once the process is complete.

Medical Massage is billed at $35 per Unit of Treatment

Medically Necessary Massage, (for example, massage prescribed by your Primary Care Physician or Chiropractor following traumatic injury sustained in a Motor Vehicle Collision or an on-the-job Work-Related injury) requires additional time and energy in preparations, detailed charting and plenty of time to bill insurance providers and to follow up with them.  From start to finish, this is a very different process than receiving a relaxation massage.

Please plan for extra time in your initial appointment and at regular intervals throughout your treatment time. We have an initial evaluation at the beginning of our time together to discuss the details of your anticipated treatment. We will talk about your medical history, evaluate your range of motion, pain scale and to see where your limitations are in your daily activities following your injury compared to your regular wellness time.

Every six to eight weeks, we will re-evaluate how things are progressing with your treatment and give updates to your insurance company. Re-evaluations are required by most insurance companies in order to show progress along your treatment time. They may happen more or less frequently depending on requirements in your unique case.

Billing your insurance is a courtesy to you. I take extra time with you to discuss all the details of your claim. I will walk with you through the entire process, from our first conversation on the phone until your bills are paid in full. All insurance companies are billed at the same rate for Medically Necessary Massage.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have regarding your insurance benefits and claims we are working on together.

You may call me at 971-350-8599 or send an e-mail to Dancing[dot]Heart[dot]Healer[at]gmail[dot]com to discuss any details of your medically necessary massage claim.

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