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Let’s Chat: The Basics of Massage

Communication about what you need when you come in for a massage can be very simple or extremely complex. Many LMTs understand a variety of communication styles and can often intuit how best to care for you. Our basic questions are represented in this silly comic below.

Comic by Nathan W. Pyle

“Where does it hurt today?” (Or – How does your body feel?) “How much pain do you have?” (Or – Describe the qualities of your discomfort.) “How much hurt?” (Or – What kind of pressure is best suited for your needs?)

You can feel free to shift your answer at any point in the massage. We understand that some places may be more tender than you originally thought. Other places may not have a voice to speak their discomfort until we touch the area. Still, other places in your body may require deeper pressure or a greater degree of stretching for the tissue to feel open and healthy.

Your answers may lead you to my massage table, where nurturing touch and compassionate presence await. They may also help me find you someone to refer you to, as we discuss your needs. Each Licensed Massage Therapist has a specialty in they way they approach their work with you.

If you’re considering a massage, pause for a moment. Take a deep breath – one that goes down into your belly and expands it like a balloon. Listen to your body, just for a moment. Then, ask yourself these questions:

What are you looking for today? How does your body feel? Do you want to actively participate in your session or do you prefer to drift into dreamland while someone cares for your body?

Communicating your expectations can help your LMT to meet your needs and increase your satisfaction in the work we are doing together. Whether you chat with us throughout your session, or you fall asleep on the massage table, your LMT will be better equipped to assist with your healing and wellness when we’ve discussed the basics.

Text © Song of the Dancing Heart, written by: ~ Trista Wynne, MA, LMT, End of Life Doula ~ Massage, Reiki, Spiritual Care and Community Cell: 971-350-8599

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