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In the Light of the Moon

As the fullness of the super moon quickly approaches, and the swiftness of the holiday season widens our eyes, many of us find our emotions rising to the surface.  We laugh more fully, cry more easily, grumble quickly and sigh frequently with contentment.  Our moods ebb and flow like the tide of Grandmother Ocean, and we wonder if we might be coming unhinged.  Fear not, dear ones!  The cycle of life is simply shifting.

Our dear Light in the Heavens that guides our pathways in the deep of the night has drawn near.  She has a way of intensifying emotional sensitivity, opening our minds and hearts to the movements of the spirit realm and calling us to reflect on our relationships.  Lady Luna reaches into the deepest part of our being, slowly revealing and then hiding those parts of ourselves that we may not allow others often to see.  Slowly, gently, she draws back the curtain of night, peeking out a little more until she can smile broadly across the horizon.  Her loving energy causes wombs to stir and electrical impulses to intensify.

As the blessings of the full moon fall upon our Great Mother Earth, vibration energies begin to rise.  The sound of the sacred drum is heard in ancient lands.  Hills and valleys reflect the energetic forces of gongs, singing bowls and chanting, calling sleepers to rise from their slumber.  Feet, hips, hearts and hands move in harmonious rhythm.  The sacred dance of the cycle of life reaches climax.  Creation sighs deeply.  The veil of darkness gently returns.

Each month another cycle – harmony and discord, light and dark, work and rest fall across the land.  Grandmother Ocean swells and recedes, sending forth her cloud children who water the earth and then return to Her womb to be born again out of the sacred interplay of the Fire and Water.  Mother Earth gives birth to Father Mountain and then opens wide to receive Him so that creation can begin again.

All of life is a cycle: birth, existence, death and rebirth.  Newness is forming every day.  This, dear ones, is the beautiful reminder found in the light of the moon.  We celebrate Her movements, Her ebb and flow.  We find ourselves dancing in Her light as she draws near enough to kiss the earth.  As the revolutions of Mother Earth continue, we find ourselves resting deeply under the shadow of Lady Luna’s veil until she reveals Her beauty among us once more.

May your feet find a place to dance this weekend,  as we gaze upon the light of the moon.

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