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How is your Heart Today?

How is your heart today?  How are your relationships?  How is your spiritual well-being?

Placing a hand on our heart and closing our eyes can help bring clarity when our thoughts are swirling around in a whirlwind.  Take a moment today to listen to your heart.  What is calling to you?

Notice your body — every part of your body.  Notice your breathing, your muscles, your joints, your belly.  No judgement.  No labels.  No need to change anything while you scan the interwoven tapestry of body, mind and spirit.  Take time to reflect — simply notice.

Simply being, taking time to be fully present in our body, is a way we can bring clarity to the mind and balance to the spirit.  Our breathing naturally shifts.  Our heartbeat slows.  Tension and swirling loosen their grip on our muscles and our minds.

What are you noticing as your heartbeat rhythm pulses under your palm?  Where has your other hand landed?  What is calling your attention?  What do you need today?


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