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How are your Wings Feeling?

How are you “wings” feeling today, dear ones?  We live in a society which draws our arms and head into forward posture.  Driving, texting, using our computer, carrying children or grandchildren or pets or heavy bags, cooking, cleaning and studying are all activities that draw our shoulders and head forward.

Although our pecs and belly are tight, we often feel the effects in our mid and upper back and neck.  Headaches and hip pain are often related.  Digestion can also become impinged and we can feel fatigued and grouchy.  

We store many memories in our body.  Our spiritual and emotional selves are both impacted by, and have impacts on, our physical presentation in the world.  A great many emotions and relational connections are held near the center of our body, especially in the areas around our heart and abdomen.  We want someone that we can trust when these areas need tending, particularly in our physical body.  Compassion and holistic awareness are absolutely necessary when approaching these areas of tenderness that hold so much.

So, how are your wings feeling today?  How is the core of your being?  Are you soaring high or feeling heavy?  How is your breathing?  Shallow and fast or deep and slow?  How are you digesting life and food?  Have you stretched and opened your heart chakra today?

Pause for a moment.  Take a deep breath.  Feel your belly.  Consider your whole self.

If you find that you are in need of tending, feel free to give me a call or zip me a note.  Together, we can approach healing.  When we work together, we can “open the wings” of your body, mind and spirit.  Together, we can help you rekindle the fire and heart’s song within.

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