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Healing is a Process

Dancing Heart - Massage and Reiki - Compassionate Healer Support

Healing is a process that is well-worth our time and energy.  It is much like a flower unfolding in the Spring.  Nothing can hurry the process of this sacred opening, but it can be supported with the gifts of a compassionate healer.

Massage, Reiki and Spiritual Counsel are available for you here.  These modalities can support your journey towards holistic wellness.  I invite you to schedule a time by calling, sending a message or e-mailing today.  How might I help you remember your Heart’s Song?

I’m at home today, but will return to my office in Beaverton this Friday, and I have appointments available next week.

Cell: 503-380-4164 // E-mail: Dancing [dot] Heart [dot] Healer [at]

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