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Grief and Spiritual Counsel

Rose of Grief

One of the most profound catalysts for self-reflection is the loss of someone special in our lives (through death, separation, divorce or moving).  The grief that surrounds such events brings us to introspection and pondering of our own purpose.  During these times, it can be especially beneficial to sit with someone who can bring us a grounded perspective and guidance from Spirit.

Grief also stores in our bodies.  Massage and Reiki can bring physical and emotional relief, especially when offered by a skilled practitioner who intentionally sets up safe space for emotional release.  I care for the whole person – body, mind and spirit.  My gentle touch, listening ear and compassionate presence can help you find balance and restoration in your grief journey.

Feel free to call, text or e-mail to set up a Massage, Spiritual Counsel or Reiki appointment when you find yourself in times of transition and grief.

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