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Gratitude for the Divine Feminine

In our front room, where prayer candles are lit, turtles of many sizes, shapes and hues dance along our mantle-top altar, carrying our prayers on their backs to the realm of Divine Love.  On either side of the prayer mantle stand two glorious plant spirits, reminding us of our connection with the natural world.  They are joined by yarn paintings and beaded gourds of thunder birds and eagles.  This artwork – created by the Huichol people of Mexico – reminds us of our calling to partnership with weather and with the global community.  

Above them all, the Lady of Wisdom raises her light of warm, rainbow-colored love.  She rises from the waves of Grandmother Ocean and is joined by an arching dolphin who symbolizes community, intelligence and peace.  As I lit my prayer candles this evening, I gazed upon the woman’s navel and breasts, offering deep gratitude for this wisdom woman, the Divine Feminine, present within each one of us.  In the dancing light of these mini fires, I give thanks for each of you, (particularly for you who identify as female, you are my soul-sisters) on this night of gratitude and love.  For the feminine form, for the feminine love of community and for the feminine energy of healing and light that is present and moving throughout the world, I am deeply grateful.

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