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Going with the Flow

Releasing helps us open up and prepare for healing to flow.  To put it another way, letting go increases flow.  How is your energy flowing today?

Sometimes people on my massage table have difficulty allowing their body to release the tension that is being held.  There are massage therapists who will push through or attempt to force the tissue to release, but that is not my way.  There are times when this is appropriate, but more often than not, I prefer to invite the tissue to flow with me.

I invite my receivers to breathe into those places where the tension is stored and to notice what is being held there.  Simply noticing, without judgement, noticing where the tension is stored and allowing our love to flow there, is a way to enliven the tissues again.  This invites release and encourages flow of energy and healing naturally.

In our work together, the insight I receive is that the tissues, the cells, the fibers of our bodies are most often storing fear.  There are many reasons we hold onto fear, and many reasons this emotion has such a hold on us.  We are tremendously influenced by our society, and we currently dwell in a society very much based on fear.

Recognizing our patterns of absorption, storage and maintenance of fear in our bodies is part of our healing journey.  In our time together, as my hands gently glide over your tissues, inviting the fibers to release energy blockages and tension, I encourage you to consider what brought these tissue fibers together in the first place.  You may find that what you experience as pain or tension is

a symptom of a deeper emotional or spiritual reality.  It may be time to release in a different way.

Dear ones, I wrote here in my blog a few weeks ago about the season of Autumn, the wisdom of the garden and the energies of letting go.  There are many forms of letting go, and many ways to open space in our lives for the blessings of Divine Love.  Massage, Reiki and Spiritual Counsel are some of the ways I can help with this process.  I may also refer you to other types of healers when their modalities may be more appropriate for you.

Sometimes, what we store in our bodies is a reflection of what is stored around us at home.  If you believe this may be affecting you, take a look at this article on Holding onto Clutter.  In this article, my friend, Megan offers insight into the art of clearing space in our homes and why we hold onto things that no longer bring us joy.

At the present time, we find ourselves in a frantic culture where people all around us, (or even we) are looking for the best deals on more things to bring into the home or things to give to others to put in their home.  What if we took a step back from that frenzy?  What if we paused to look at all that we store within and around us?

As part of our holistic care, how might we embrace the gifts of this season of Autumn that is soon drawing to a close?  What might we need to “let go” in our physical, emotional or spiritual lives?  How can we best make space so that generosity and joy can flow freely?  What would happen if we gave ourselves, and each other, the gift of space and openness and flow?


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