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Fire Connects us All

Sometimes I have a desire to paint, but have not a vision of what the canvas wants.  Rather than throwing in the towel, in such times, it’s helpful to do a little prayer coloring.  I have also found it helpful to throw paint, dance, garden, go for a run, drum with fervor, or to scribble if there is stuck emotion or energy.  This is all helpful for getting the creativity flowing again!

Last Christmas, my friends gave me a nature coloring kit, knowing my love for nature and all things creative.  Inside, I found several different mandala beginnings. The fire circle pictured above called to me last night and was competed this morning while our kitties lounged happily on my lap.  In the beginning, it was simply a black and white page with a small fire and a circle of people waiting to discover their identity with color and prayer.  Now it feels complete.

What does the picture say to you?

For me: while the world around them swirls in chaos, the circle is connected, embracing a different kind of energy.  There is still swirling within, but it is colored differently – full of life and light and wisdom.  Even in the struggle, when they are together, the undercurrent of joy is found.  The circle is made of many tribes and tongues.  

If you have been on my site here before, you may have noticed that I host women’s fires for community building, compassionate support and healing.  Our ancestors gathered around fire for protection, warmth, community, ceremony and prayer. It helped them remember who they were, as it still does for us.

Community fire circles are powerful and effective.  People all around the world today still gather around fire or light candles for prayer, love and ceremony.  Fire is a part of every living tradition.  I give thanks for this sacred gift of fire that connects us all!

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