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Deep Healing through Listening

I have spent this weekend in the Los Angeles area, filled with time of deep contemplation and preparation for healing.  I sit with a wise spiritual elder tomorrow morning to receive so that I can also give deep healing.  Time for reflection and rest is a big part of this journey.  I encourage all of my care receivers to make space for reflection time and renewal.  This is an important part of our healing work together as we tend body, mind and spirit.

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Dear ones, have you explored my site recently?  A few of my welcoming pages have been updated in format, picture and language as my healing practice has evolved over this past year.  Spend a little time exploring through the drop-down menus above.  Pay particular attention to the Welcome tab on the left.  The pages there quite lovely.

Deep Listening: Connecting the body, mind and spirit is a part of my healing practice.  When you are open to this kind of work, together we explore relationship with Divine, Self and Other.  Listening to what is being presented in a holistic way — in the realm of our bodies, in the context of thoughts and emotions —  and seeing how this connects to our spiritual journey can help us connect to the Living World and to our Ancestral Relations.  Even holding space together in a quiet, intentional way can clear the way for deep healing to occur.

This is a quote from my homepage which gives you an overview of my holistic healing practice.  Interested in learning more?  Click the “Book Now” button below, or visit my online scheduler at Massage Book.

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