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Dancing with Sun Tea and Rainbows

As a former nanny, (13 years in that field!) I can’t help but to stop and admire the artwork of a young person.  This is especially true of sidewalk chalk art.  As the days begin to warm here in the Pacific Northwest, transitions between strong winds, brilliant sunshine and downpours are swift.  The dance of the weather beings is awe-inspiring!

This past week, in Gresham, OR we had enough sunshine to make our first (and second, and third!) jars of sun tea.  Today, the rains have returned.  They’ve arrived just in time to revive the little pumpkin sprouts I just separated out from an interwoven community that had sprung forth from the heart of a pumpkin I returned to the earth whole as it began rotting on our windowsill from last year’s harvest.  Now, instead of crowding each other in the garden bed, each seedling has their own little starting pot and nurturing soil in which to spread out their roots.  These little pots will be handed out to friends and family over the next few weeks so that the love can spread.

Tending seeds in the garden is a bit like the creative process of using sidewalk chalk.  Sometimes they last a long time — bringing joy and energy to many people.  And sometimes, both the artwork and the seedlings fade early — returned to the earth to make way for something new to spring forth in their place.

Such are the movements of life.  Birthing, creating, emergence, sprouting, revealing, unfurling — and then all is washed away for re-birthing, re-creating, re-emergence and more revelations of Divine Love.  When we resist parts of this process of living and being part of the livingness of the world, energy ceases.  This resistance to movement can be felt in our bodies, our spirits and our relationships.

New life cannot spring forth in the garden without old growth being pruned.  New works of sidewalk chalk art cannot exist without the former being washed away.  The same is true in all aspects of our lives.

If you find yourself in a place where movement is difficult — physical, emotional or spiritual movement is difficult — you may benefit from working with me.

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, a trained Spiritual Counselor and Minister with gentle spirituality, a Reiki Practitioner, a Musician and Intuitive Therapeuitic Sound Practitioner, I have many healing tools to offer you.  You are free to choose from any of my modalities.  Together, we can create a therapeutic plan to help your movements to flow again.  In our work together, we have the potential to help you rediscover the Song of your Dancing Heart.

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