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Call of the Mountain

Mount Hood 1

Mount Hood – Photo by Trista Wynne – July 2014

Here, to the east of the hustle and bustle of Portland, Oregon lies a town from which the majestic mountain is always in view.  No matter which way you are walking or driving in Gresham, the presence of Mount Hood is not far away.

Mount Hood is a powerful presence here.  His majesty fills the skies with awe.  Standing proud and strong, he welcomes visitors from every tribe and tongue.

During this time of year, Mother Earth lets her hair cascade down her mountain partner in colorful streams of magenta, silver and cerulean.  She joins with Father Mountain, inviting us to caress her curves, to inhale her tantalizing perfumes.  When we heed this joint calling of our Mother Earth and Father Mountain, we are rejuvenated.  Our metal energy – cleansing and supportive, and our earth energy – nurturing and soft, work in harmonious balance as we enter the season of Spring.

Take time today to give thanks for the glory of the mountains nearby.  May we breathe deeply and look to the horizon.  May the warmth of Spring help us to welcome these precious elements of life.


Mother Earth graces Mount Hood with New Life – Photo by Trista Wynne

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