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Autumn Women’s Fire


What a joy it is to enter the season of autumn!  As the nights begin to lengthen and the sun makes its annual journey towards the southern hemisphere, we in the Pacific Northwest prepare for the coming rains.  A chill settles in swiftly upon the setting of the sun, and the east winds hint at the coming winter.

Having just past the autumn equinox a few short days ago, we notice the shift in the breeze and the gentle changing of the leaves.  Trees are aflame with hues of crimson, ocher and burnt sienna.  The natural world reminds us how to rejuvenate our beings.  The life force of the trees, bushes and flowers return to their roots – deepening, lengthening, stretching deep into the Great Mother – Earth.

When we watch our sisters and brothers – the beautiful plants around us – we are reminded how very important it is to return to our roots.  Let us do so in a special way – gathered around the warmth of the dancing flame- listening to the Great Divine who speaks in a special way through Earth, Fire, Wind, Wood and Metal.  Gather with your sisters this weekend – come to the Women’s Fire.

Let me know if you need directions to The Wild Place – our home in Gresham.  All who identify as female looking to connect with sisters in a place of openness and grace are welcome.

Gather for a light dinner at 4:30.  Fire lighting at 5:30.  Soup and salad will be provided.  Feel free to bring your favorite side dish, (bonus points if it is GFCF and free of garlic so I can share with you!) and a bar of chocolate to pass around at the circle of Fire.  You may want to bring a folding chair, though we do have a few here.  We’ll aim to close the fire circle around 8:30 so that those who have children or work may return home by a decent hour.

See you around the Fire!

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