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A Year of Women’s Fires

When I woke this morning to the smell of turkey, I thought I’d overslept and it was already Thanksgiving!  Happily, we’re not quite there yet.  This is the beginnings of a delicious turkey soup that my husband is crafting for Women’s Fire this evening.


Dinner at 5:30, potluck style. Fire at 6:30(ish).  All who identify as female are welcome.  If that describes you and you want to know more, find us on Facebook in the group, Women’s Fire PDX.  Or, anyone can learn more here on my website.  Simply click on Community Wellness tab to learn about community offerings.  Then click Women’s Fire Circle on the drop-down menu (or follow the links in this paragraph).

I have deep gratitude for all of the women who have come to our home over the last year.  We’ve had a different mixture of folks every month!  No two circles, and no two conversations have been exactly the same.  You have come to share your heart.  You have come to support each other.  You have come to receive, and to give, nurturing, compassion and grace.  I am so very grateful for you!

May the energy that is creative, nurturing, encouraging and incredibly strong and determined continue to enfold us all.  Here’s to a full year of gathering, (plus a couple of months as I’m just getting to the post).  I am deeply grateful for you all, and looking forward to what unfolds in our time together over the next 12 months as we gather on the first Sunday of each one.  Thank you, my sisters!  See you around the fire!

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