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A Web of Wonder and Delight

As the warmth of summer begins to wane – some days more than others – the autumn breezes gently encourage the leaves that are loosening to release their hold on the branches that once granted them nourishment and love.  Cloud Beings form, rise and flow on the wings of Wind, brought to the places that need them most.  The thirst of Earth is quenched.  Forest welcomes the mist as the Cloud Beings stretch down to kiss the Great Mother.

In the midst of this great shifting, Spider flings herself to and fro, dancing and weaving her web of wonder and delight.  Her handiwork graces Cedar, Corn, Maple and Oak.  Fence posts and wheelbarrows, wagons and garden shoes – all are connected by her grace.  Intricate patterns invite the morning dew to linger, reflecting the light of the Sky Fire – our sun.  As the nature beings send their life blood down into our Mother’s womb, preparing for the restoration and renewal of winter sleep, Spider reminds us how interconnected we all are.  Rare is the step into the garden or towards the mailbox that isn’t touched by her strings of love.

Her work is sacred.  Spider connects us all, reminding us of the Divine Love that is woven into every fiber of our being.  Look for her dancing with Willow.  See her floating on the wings of the autumn breeze.  Catch a glimpse of her reflections of the morning light.  Give thanks for her works of wonder and delight.


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